if im sad this what made me happy editing and playing <3
bakasim for you sis

Chang, Chihiro, Mich, Himari

waah I love these pictures, they’re really cool! (●♡∀♡) 


Chang and HimariChan <3
i hope you like it sis bakasim

thank you for cute cc

hnnnng they’re so cute! (´∀`)♡ and your graphics are so good I’m jealous ;O;

Late replies

I just want to thank you all for being so kind and sending me so many lovely messages! I’m still trying to reply to them all so it might take a while, but I read them and yeah, thank you! I’m very thankful for all your kindness 


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Himari & Beatrice.

just look at the hotness here, omfg. thank you bakasim for the collab! :D

Awww they look great! Beatrice is so short and cute ( > ◡ < ) And Himari looks hotter than ever xD

B & V

waaah I love this so much, thank youuuu ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Anonymous asked: Err, I have that pose player and some poses in the mods folder but when I go in the game and click on the pose player the list does't appear ;_; I don't know.. My game version is 1.66 and on the site modthesims there is 1.26 ;/ Do you know if I can do something to make it work? :(

I’m sorry that never happened to me, but maybe the poses you have aren’t pose list enabled? So in that case you’d have to type the code for the pose manually. Or is it that when you click on the pose player it doesn’t give you the option  ”Select Pose from List”? Maybe it’s conflicting with another mod you installed. You could try taking out all your other mods except for the pose player and then going in game to see if it works. I’m sorry something like this never happened to me, but hopefully this helps a bit! >///<

Anonymous asked: I'm angry with my pose player. It doesn't work!! Can you please help me? I'd like to know how is the last pose player working... I tried to search on internet but I didn't find anything. Which pose player do you use? Sorry if I was too direct >.<

I’m sorry for the late reply! >///< Hmm, all I did was download the pose player found here and put it in my Mods—->Packages folder. You also need to download pose packs because the pose player is just a mod, it doesn’t come with any poses. That’s it ^__^ I hope this helped and if not then feel free to ask more questions